Renewable ‘Green’ Energy Plans


Did you know the production of electricity from non-renewable resources such coal is one of the leading causes of pollution in the United States?

The majority of Texans receive their energy from centralized power plants that produce electricity from a wide variety of resources. The three most common being natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy, but also renewable resources such as water, wind, and solar energy.

In fact the fastest growing sources are renewable. Texas continues to rank first in the country for wind capacity with more installed wind capacity than Oklahoma, Iowa, and California combined. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) reported wind generated nearly 20% of electricity in the state in 2018.

With renewable Texas wind energy becoming more affordable, major energy consumers are choosing to power their operations using Texas wind power.

Environmental Benefits

Clean electricity is energy generated from naturally occurring, non-depleting, non-polluting sources, such as the wind and the sun.

Renewable sources such as wind and solar do not involve combustion (hence no emissions) and do not require as much water as part of the production process as non-renewable forms of electricity production.

Using renewable energy sources to power your home is a win-win for the planet and all life on it.

Start Powering Your Home with Clean Energy from Renewable Sources

Customers in areas with deregulated electricity markets can choose residential and commercial electricity plans that offer 100% wind energy.

LightCompanies has green energy plans from leading Texas electricity providers such as Green Mountain Energy, Gexa Energy, Frontier Utilities, and more.

Simply toggle the “Show 100% Green Only” filter to view electricity plans made from 100% renewable sources and you’re on your way to shopping for the best green energy plans.

Start with your zip code to view the best electricity plans in your neighborhood generated from renewable resources.